We aim to be the preferred choice when it comes to FOREX.

More people than ever before in history are using the Web to shop for a wide variety of items, from household groceries to shoes, airplanes and even homes. Shopping online is simply convenient and less time consuming. It helps you to buy things without invading into your very busy schedule. This, however, was not a reality in the Foreign Exchange sector, until a few innovative minds came up with a unique concept to make Forex simple and hassle free for the end user. Thus, the birth of NAFEX.com an online platform where we connect buyers and sellers of Foreign Exchange. Looking for the best rates on Foreign Exchange? Then NAFEX.com is the place to be. Customers would not have to scurry around looking for the best rates in Forex. All they will have to do is to log on to our website, www.nafex.com and enter their Currency requirement to get the best rate in their vicinity, within a few minutes. All of this, without the Customer having to make several calls to Money Changers and getting different quotes from each of them. Our partnership with leading authorized money changers, not just makes it easy to transact, but is also in every respect - RELIABLE!! Not only does the end customer benefit from our portal, even Money Changers stand a chance to get additional business and leads through us. Furthermore, we would also be partnering with travel agents, overseas educational consultants, Visa Consultants, Hotels and Business Centers, catering to their customer needs.


We aim at providing our customers with a quick and convenient experience online, by getting them the best rates on Forex.

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