What is NAFEX.com?

NAFEX.com is an online platform which we connect buyers and sellers of foregin exchange. We aim at providing our customers which a quick and convenient experience online, by getting them the best foregin exchange rates in a matter of minutes.

What are the benefits of buying/selling Forex on NAFEX.com?

Best rates. Saves time as you need not contact several money changes for the rates. Reliance in every aspect - all money changes have an authorizedlicense issued by RBI.

How can i buy/sell Forex through NAFEX.com?

  • Log on to WWW.nafex.com and enter the specifications of your requirment.
  • Email your requirement to info@nafex.com
  • Contact our call center to 91 111 111 19

How will i receive details of quote from NAFEX.com?

NAFEX.com will send a SMS and an E-mail to you, informing the best quote available for the requirement.

Will i get an option to select the quote?

Yes, you can select the quote of your choice based on the area, quote amount etc.

How can I be sure that I’m getting Forex from a reliable source?

NAFEX.com has partnered with authorized money changers who possess a license issued by RBI. Hence please be assured that you will be getting the Forex from an authorized and reliable source.

Are there any charges applicable on the quote provided to me?

Yes, the quote provided is exclusive of service tax. As per government regulations, a service tax is applicable on the exchange amount. An invoice for the same will be provided to you by the money changer.

What are the documents that need to be submitted?

As per RBI guidelines, specific documents are required to be submitted to complete the transaction. The money changer will be responsible or informing you regarding this requirement and will also be the one collecting the documents from you.

Is there any home delivery facility?

It differs with each money changer. Please check with the money changer if the facility is provided.

How long is the agreed rate valid for?

The rate provided to you is valid for a period of 15 minutes. Upon confirmation of the rate, it will be valid for 4 hours, before which the transaction needs to be completed.

Does the purpose of travel have any impact on the Forex amount requested for?

Yes, this does have an impact. The money changer will guide you in this regard.

Can I cancel an order I’ve already placed?

You can cancel the transaction by calling our Call Center number on 91 111 111 19

Who should be contacted in case of any disputes?

Please contact our Call Center number on 91 111 111 19 in case of any disputes.

Payment Mode

Only Payments through Account payee Cheques - RTGS - NEFT - Net Banking are accepted. CASH is accepted for the Transactions worth INR 50,000 per passport only at Nafex.com

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