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What is NAFEX.com?

NAFEX.com is an online platform where we connect buyers and sellers of foreign exchange. We aim at providing our customers with a quick and convenient experience online, by getting them the best foreign exchange rates in a matter of minutes.

What are the benefits of buying/selling Forex on NAFEX.com?

Best Forex rates, Hassle – free and less time consuming transactions, Safe and Secure.

Which are the Currencies you support?

United States Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Singapore Dollar (SGD),Australian Dollar (AUD), UAE Dirham (AED), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), SwissFranc (CHF), Thailand Baht (THB), Japanese Yen (JPY), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Saudi Riyal (SAR), South African Rand (ZAR), Swedish Kroner (SEK).

What are the different products that Nafex deals with?

We deal with Currency notes, Multi Currency Prepaid Forex cards, Travellers Cheques and remittances.

What are the working hours of Nafex?

We are available Mon- Sun from 8 Am to 8 PM, However , the best time to transact would be between 10 AM and 7 PM.

How can I Exchange Currency through NAFEX.com?
  • Log on to www.nafex.com and enter your Forex requirement in 3 easy steps.
  • OR
  • Email your requirement to info@nafex.com
  • OR
  • Contact our call center to +91 111 111 19

How will I receive Forex Rates from NAFEX.com?

As soon as you place a request you will be able to track lives rates, on the track your order page. An SMS and Email will be sent to your registered number with the best rate.

How can I be sure that I'm getting my Currency Exchanges from a reliable source?

NAFEX.com has partnered with authorized money changers who possess a license issued by RBI. Hence please be assured that you will be getting the Forex from a reliable source.

Are there any additional charges applicable on the quote provided to me?

Yes, the quote provided is exclusive of Goods & Service Tax (GST). As per government regulations, a GST is applicable on the exchange amount as per defined slabs. An invoice for the same will be provided to you by the money changer.

What is Multi Currency Travel Card?

Currency is preloaded in the card and then can be used as per requirement.

Multicurrency Forex Card is a robust product option, very well designed for customers having multi destination travel requirements. A unique product with multiple currencies loaded on the same card, thus eliminating the need to carry multiple cards for different destinations.

For what purpose Money can be remitted or transferred outside India?
  • Private visits,
  • Remittance by tour operators / travel agents to overseas agents / principals / hotels,
  • Business travel
  • Fee for participation in global conferences and specialized training,
  • Remittance for participation in international events / competitions (towards training, sponsorship and prize money),
  • Film shooting,
  • Medical treatment abroad,
  • Disbursement of crew wages,
  • Overseas education,
  • Remittance under educational tie up arrangements with universities abroad,
  • Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad and additional score sheets for GRE, TOEFL, etc.
  • Employment and processing, assessment fees for overseas job applications, (m) Emigration and emigration consultancy fees,
  • Skills / credential assessment fees for intending migrants,
  • Visa fees,
  • Processing fees for registration of documents as required by the Portuguese / other Governments, registration / subscription / membership fees to International Organisations.
What are the documents that need to be submitted?

As per RBI guidelines, the documents will vary depending on the purpose of travel. Basic documents such as a copy of your passport, Air tickets, Visa, ID Proof etc will be necessary. The money changer give you further details regarding the same.

Is there any home delivery facility?

Delivery will be provided by the Money changer in most cases. However, you may have to re-confirm with the Money Changer.

Does the purpose of travel have any effect on the Foreign exchange amount requested?

Yes. The limit on carrying foreign exchange abroad will differ according to your purpose of visit.

How long is the Exchange rate valid for?

The rate provided to you is valid for a period of 15 minutes. Upon confirmation of the rate, it will be valid for 4 hours, before which the transaction needs to be completed.

Can I cancel an order I’ve already placed?

Yes, you can cancel the transaction by calling our Call Centre number on +91 91 111 111 19

Who should be contacted in case of any disputes?

Please contact our Call Centre number on +91 91 111 111 19 in case of any issues. We will be more than glad to resolve the same, to your satisfaction.

Payment Mode

The payment is to be made directly to the Money Changer via NEFT, RTGS, and cash (Up to Rs.50,000 per passport), Cheque or Demand Drafts. Cheques and Demand Draft payments are subject to clearance.

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