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Why Nafex ?

Why Nafex ?

Nafex aims at providing customers with a quick and convenient experience online, by providing them with the best Forex rates. Nafex provides an instant platform to the customers by just logging into their website www.nafex.com. Customers can compare various ratesby entering their currency requirements, and book the best rates, within a few minutes.

Why choose Nafex over any other Money exchange services ?
  • Nafex helps you in getting better exchange rates than banks, airports and money exchangers.
  • Nafex works with only RBI approved money changers in India.
  • No exceptions - You have the ability to freeze the live exchange rates.
  • Convenient delivery - Home delivery of forex is available.
  • Worldwide presence - Nafex has access to thousands of locations across India.
  • Book a forex and order online, and get fantastic customer support with the best service possible.
  • Multiple order booking mode - At Nafex you can book your order online, over the phone and through chat also. We strive to provide a better service to you and make sure that you meet all your needs at your convenience.
  • Best service - Nafex does not compromise on service standards, you can be sure to get hassle-free service.
Coming up
  • Live market rates - Customers are open to Live, transparent and competitive exchange rates to see concurrency conversion.
  • Deals and freebies - Huge savings on travel products, such as travel cards, foreign calling cards and travel insurance
  • Loyalty rewards - with Nafex you can earn while you spend. Get in touch with us to know more about how you can save with every valuable order that you place with us!
Buy and sell foreign currency-Money exchange in India

Dealing with money can be complicated at times, especially while you are travelling abroad, changing your travel money can be complicated. Nafex.com is an online platform where buyers and sellers are connected for Foreign exchange. It operates as a market place for foreign exchange. Customers can buy and sell forex exchange in India for several purposes such as Personal travel, Business Travel, Education emigration, employment, medical and much more. Customer can also exchange money in various mode like Cash, prepaid Forex card & online wire transfer.

Nafex allows you to perform few major transactions from all over India
  • Buy foreign exchange in India
  • Sell foreign exchange in India
  • Buy US dollars online in India
  • Sell dollars online in India
  • Buy British pound online in India
  • Buy Euro in India
  • Euro buying rate in INR
  • Buy the best USD rates in India

Selling rate is the rate at which Nafex provides a platform to sell foreign currency in India, and Buying rate is the rate at which customers can buy foreign currency in India at the best exchange rates.

Nafex provides the following benefits for buying and selling foreign exchange in India
  • Prepaid international forex cards - Nafex provides Forex cards that loaded with foreign currency at a predefined rate, these card can be used everywhere – online transactions, ATM’s, stores. All this is done at zero commission and best interbank rates.
  • Currency conversionNafex, provides the best currency exchange rate, as it has a bidding platform, where money changers bid, to give the customers the best exchange rates. Nafex also offers a door step delivery of forexif the currency exchanged is for more than INR 50,000.
  • Exchange currency- Nafex is a platform with full featured online foreign exchange, which provides foreign exchange at better rates.
  • Remittance - Nafex allows you to send money from India to any foreign country. It allows you to book a currency exchange or perform remittance order online itself.

Nafex ensures that the customers get the best value for your travel money.

Advantages of Nafex

There are various advantages of Nafex Transparent
  • Nafex provides Forex cards at exact Inter-bank rates.
  • Customers can freeze the current rate for 4 days.
  • Book the live forex rates at Nafex, no made-up rates.
  • Customers get notified when the rates reach the level they want.
  • Nafex has partnership with leading authorized money changers in India,which makes transactions easy and reliable.
  • Money Changers are authorised by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).
  • It has a proper streamlined order processing with pre-defined vendors and channel partners.
  • Customers are provided with regular status updates and live tracking.
Best Value
  • Customers get the best rates compared across hundreds of banks and forex companies.
Hassel Free
  • You would not have to scurry around looking for the Best rates in Forex. Follow 3 Simple steps to get the best Rate. What’s great is that, you will be able track live rates as and when the money changers bid, leaving it to you to choose the best deal.
Convenient and economical
  • Save a lot of money- The forextravel cards provided by Nafex are very economical, as they come with free ATM withdrawals. Customersare saved from paying exchange rates over cash withdrawal rates charged by credit cards.
  • Forex cards are convenient- customers can store multiple currencies in the forex card by purchasing Multi currency card in India. It makes the card extremely convenient for trips abroad. It can be used in both ATM’s and online transactions.
  • Safe and secure- the card also requires a pin to spend cash, enhancing the safety factor.,The card comes with a pin and chip enabled technology which keeps it safe and secure. These cards are also insured against loss, theft and fraudulent use.
  • Reload the card- in case the travellers exhaust their foreign exchange, they can simply go online and reload their Forex card with the desired amount of forex from anywhere.
Security and privacy- remittance
  • Immediate verification of cash sent and received is done for the comfort of the customers.
  • Transfer of cash takes only few minutes, making it simple.
  • Customers get the benefit of the best exchange rates.
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